Alison Stanley (Star Dust)




Metaphysician Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive 




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Hello Blessed Souls,

I am passionate about helping everyone achieve a more balanced lifestyle filled with ease, relaxation and joy.  I offer individual sessions tailored to your specific needs and intentions.  Using a natural and instinctive approach, I restore the flow of energy to reduce stress/anxiety, improve sleep and breathing quality and help increase energy. 

My certifications in energy healing come from extensive training in the disciplines of energy therapies, metaphysical healing arts, meditation, intuitive development, hypnosis, shamanic practices, past life journeys and toxin elimination. It is my heart centered desire is to support you along your journey of reaching total mind-body-soul well-being.

Through the ongoing study of energy healing and meditation, practice and teaching, I have discovered in myself as well as in others, how balancing energy can generate insightful and positive life-changing benefits to one’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness. 

Let today be the day you take the next step in giving yourself the gift of retreating from the busyness of life, even if just for a short while, to indulge in some well-deserved “me time” of solitude and relaxation.  I look forward to assisting you in your healing transformation. 




Delphi University Metaphysician Practitioner

     ~ Advanced Channeling      ~ Color and Sound Healing      ~ Mediumship      ~ Polarity      ~ Spiritual Healer


Atlantian Mystery School/Temple

     ~ Hypnotherapy        ~ Ordained Minister


Atlanta Polarity Center

     ~ Certified Polarity Practitioner



     ~ Usui Reiki I      ~ Basics of Muscle Testing      ~ Energetic Toxic Elimination and Clearing      ~ Deeksha