When I do a Reading or any type of Healing I do it from the heart. I understand that when people come to me they have a need and are in some type of pain.

I do Angel  Readings, Soul Life Readings, and General Readings.  I do "house clearings" getting rid of unwanted Spirits in a home.

I assist others with Regression Therapy so they can understand other lives that are affecting them today.

I do Color and Sound Healing, Light Energizations, Laser Crystal Healing, Long Distance Healing, Lotus Massage and Trance Healing, Gong Sound Healing Baths, Crystal and Stone layouts and more.

I am teaching women how to empower themselves with my Feminine Rising Support Group. We have been disempowered for so long there are many women who do not what to do now that the feminine is rising. 

I teach workshops such as Color and Sound, Mediumship, Stress Management,Inner Sanctuary Training, Connecting with Spirit, how to meditate and chant.

I have a Healing Sanctuary the Second Saturday of every month.

Please check out my website at Healingfromtheheartcenter.com for more information.

You may contact me as well at 260 413 9367 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

with much love and light,

Barbara Burk RN PHD