Are you motivated to get to the root of your problems and resolve them?
I am a compassionate and intuitive listener and will offer you opportunities to do the work. This work is necessary to correct faulty thinking, get a hold of your negative emotions that block you and help strengthen you to move forward in a healthy way. Your relationships will improve, your possibilities will expand and the old patterns will become a story from the past. Those with childhood trauma, lifetime disappointments, depression, anxiety and self esteem issues can all find a new energy of peace and acceptance.
You learn that it's possible to relax through guided meditation and simple breathing exercises and gain lifelong skills that will ease tension throughout your life. Deep insights through the RoHun process is a life changing experience. Both short and long sessions are available to give you the ability to self-regulate.
I am a prescriber, an APRN with 30+ years experience treating adults in general medicine, psychiatry and women's care. I expanded my practice with a Doctorate in RoHun Transpersonal Psychotherapy and a Certification in Hypnotherapy. I am an out-of-network provider and do not take insurance. Finding answers and healing is ALWAYS possible.
You can reach me here:
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call or text: 860-912-3953