Elissa is schooled in both the Metaphysician and Rohun programs from Delphi; graduating with a PhD in both disciplines.  In addition to her Delphi experiences she is also associated with The Monroe Institute, Farber VA; engaging in journeys and studies of human consciousness expansion. 


A few years ago, Elissa began to receive channeled instructions on a new approach to re-configuring Sub-conscious and Soul perspectives.  These deeply held constructs are the frame of reference used to determine perspective, which then become projections of daily experience.  These are the spaces from which manifestation is birthed.  This approach is guided by not only the person's Higher Consciousness, also by a team of Spirit Doctors who work to re-balance physical  challenges created by the  constructs.  The process refashions subconscious blocks into to a new, open expansive potential.   Sequencing these sessions with Yhandi and Rohun processes produces even deeper shifts and faster results. 

With only your name and birth-date, I remotely tune into the subconscious codes and through this portal a unique renewal story emerges.  The results are a new frame of reference that offers more room to grow and expand your spiritual journey.  Each session yields an in-depth report that is emailed to you plus a 1.5 hour consultation session to review the report.  


One of the most powerful spiritual ascension processes on the planet, RoHun is truly a miracle for those who embark on this profound study of Self.  Each process takes targeted layers out of the energy field.  The defined sequence of processes allow a rapid expansion in a compressed period of time.  This is work, yet not work, it is a Hero's Journey into Self that creates joy and achievement as the reward.  RoHun truly turns one's perspective of Life from 'get through it' into a 'bring on the adventure'.  Get ready to dig in and power up as you begin this Hero's Journey.  You are the most interesting person you ever knew!!

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Bend Oregon,  Pacific Time Zone